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I offer limited slots of both one-to-one and small group personal training sessions.

Whether your goals include fat loss, fitness, strength or sports performance, muscular enhancement, injury pre & rehabilitation or functional movement correction, I can help by designing a specific training programme that will help you achieve and exceed these goals. 

I use a variety of training approaches dependant on the clients health, lifestyle and experience and will monitor progress throughout the programme adapting methods and goals as necessary on order to achieve the results you want.

Sessions might include:

Strength training

Cardiovascular fitness (running, rowing, bike, ski erg)

Core strengthening & stability


High Intensity workouts


Bodyweight exercises


Pre & Postnatal Training

Why exercise during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in a woman's life. One where we often want to take care of ourselves better than we have before. During pregnancy the body undergoes many changes, physically, hormonally and mentally and staying active can help with all aspects. You can continue training and exercise throughout your pregnancy with my advise and support which is always individually tailored and easily adaptable as your pregnancy progresses.

Why exercise after having a baby?

It is easy to neglect our own needs after the birth of our bundles of joy as your priorities change completely and we often find ourselves with much less time than we had before. Exercising after the birth of your baby not only positively impacts your physical but also you mental health and wellbeing. 

Postnatal training can begin immediately after the birth and begin with very gentle pelvic floor exercises. These exercises can be progressed gently and steadily until your body and mind are ready to hit the gym again. There is absolutely no rush and I can support you throughout the process and transition back into a gym/training environment.









Block Bookings of 10 sessions are available at a discounted rate. Pricing for small group PT sessions vary. 

Please contact me directly for more information.

All sessions/blocks are invoiced upfront before the 1st of the month.

1-2-1 Personal Training Session

Up to 1 hour - £45

10 x Personal Training Sessions